Friday, 26 March 2010

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

North Yorks Trip

I had a trip up to North Yorkshire at the weekend and had quite varying amounts of luck.
first stop was Holbeck for the mediterranean gulls, I got there before 7 and waited half an hour after putting bread out.
No sign but there were 3 herons flying over south bay and a pair of stonechat on the bushes.
Moved on to Forge valley, the sun was still behind the hill when I got there but there was plenty of activity from the common woodland birds there.I also a pair of mandarin ducks flying over.
Once the sun did come out the photographic opportunities were fantastic and I stayed longer than the time I had anticipated.
Then on to Wykeham Forest looking for crossbills, by now I was running out of time so I had a drive round but didn't see any sign.
On the way back I called in at Tophill Low and managed some decent views of the bittern and 3 woodcock near the visitor centre.
Hopefully some summer migrants around next weekend.

Monday, 8 March 2010

East Park

Been pushed for time just lately and decent weather but managed a couple of hours on East park yesterday morning.
The almost residenr redwing flock were very obiliging yesterday.
Initially they would fly up as I approached but quickly carried on searching for food when I stood still.Some were coming extremely close (within 2ft) as I stood watching them.
A quick look on the lake produced some nice shots of some common wildfowl plus a kingfisher showed quite well on one of the islands.
Hopefully will be out a bit more as the weather improves.