Sunday, 31 July 2011

Marsh Sand-Again

I went back to Blacktoft for the fourth time last night to see the marsh sandpiper.
At first and for most of the time it was quite distant, occasionally flushing with the other waders then returning to the same spot (it liked frequenting the fringes of the nearest island.
Eventually it came as close as possible given the location of the hide and it was then I was able to get my best shots.
It really is a spectacle at this time of year and I saw 13 species of wader last night.
the sun was setting and the light was fantastic for photography.
If only the hides were a little closer.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Little Gulls

Went to Hornsea Mere tonight for the little gulls....

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Marsh Sandpiper Revisited

I went back to Blacktoft last night in the hope of some more shots of the marsh Sandpiper.
It didn't let me down although the light was poor.
A good selection of other waders there too although nothing different than what has recently been reported.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Brilliant Blacktoft

Its not often that I would describe Blacktoft as brilliant.
I don't like the hides or the crowds or the people talking at the top of their voices on a mobile whilst sat next to you- none of that...
However last night at Blacktoft was brilliant.
Starting with the marsh sandpiper it gave distant views on marshland before moving to Singleton and there it performed nicely.
Also at Marshland was an obliging green sandpiper and some superb black tailed godwits, also lots of bearded tits but quite distant.
Then I went on to Singleton-two spoonbills were quite active -eventually, marsh hariers at varying distance including one that landed in front of the hide, wood sandpiper, ruff, spotted redshank,little egret and the marsh sandpiper.
There was a report of a hobby and garganey at another hide but I didn't go for them.
It was almost too much to take in-something was happening nearly all the time.
Yes last night it was brilliant at Blacktoft.