Sunday, 12 February 2012

Golden Plovers

I had another ride out to Spurn this afternoon and the increase in temperature was dramatic-at a balmy 7 degrees you would have thought Spring was on the way.
The ground had clearly thawed and where there was no sign of life yesterday, the grassy fields near long bank were ful of birds.
Most confiding was the lapwing but also a single dunlin, numerous curlew, fieldfare and the golden plovers were all easily observed (and photographed) from the roadside using the car as a hide.
they were all startled once when a merlin flew over but other than that the plovers were quite obliging coming as close as 20m.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


I had a ride out to the coast this morning in extremely cold conditions. It was a weird kind of frost-the roads were bone dry, the trees were covered in heavy white frost crystals and the temperature gauge said -10.
First stop was Spurn-I was hoping for some waders feeding in the fields at high tide but there were none so I had a slow drive north with a destination of Hornsea Mere.
The drive up was pretty uneventful, the odd grey partridge, a few winter thrushes and pheasants was about the best of it.
As I arrived at Hornsea Mere it warmed up quite nicely to -6 but by now the wind had got up so not quite so tropical.
The Iceland gull was quite distant at the start, there were a few distant goldeneye on a patch of unfrozen water, a barnacle goose flock on the ice and the flock of bean geese put in an appearance.
After a wait of about 2 hours the Iceland Gull finally woke from its slumber and came to bread just off the jetties.
Quite a nice bird really, it performed well for about half an hour delighting the massive crowd of 3 with some quite close views.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

East Park Redpolls

I thought I would have an hour on est park this morning in the hope that the cold weather would push something unusual in.
I headed for the car park and there were quite a few birds feeding on the seed heads including 4 lesser redpolls. Also there were blue tit, great tit, robin, goldfinch and a small flock of house sparrows that were sent reeling as a sparrowhawk crashed into them.
On the water there were the usual common wildfowl plus a few distant goosander.
perhaps the most unusual birds were the single dunlin feeding along the edge of the lake wall, a lapwing and another flythrough wader that looked greenshank-ish.
Not bad for an hour in the snow.

Saturday, 4 February 2012


I had a walk round Beacon Ponds today in almost sub-arctic temperatures.Nothing outstanding on view however sanderling, redshank, knot and turnstone were along the shoreline on the way up.
Red-breasted merganser and scaup were the best birds on the ponds also flyover peregrine and 4 whooper swans were on the new scrapes.
There was a decent flock of brent geese on long bank with a sprinkle of pale bellied birds.
I had a drive back through some of the more secluded roads hoping for a decent raptor or owl but didn't see either., just a few flocks of winter thrushes and golden plovers.
Extremely chilly so kept in the car most of the time, might get out in the morning for some snowy shots.