Monday, 30 May 2011

Beacon Ponds

It seems as though the migrants have started to thin out just lately so with that in mind I thought I would see if I could get some shots of the little terns at beacon ponds.
I went up on Saturday and in fairly strong winds, I got set up in a likely looking spot out of the wind.
during the 3 or so hours i was there I was treated to some fantastic close views of the little terns fishing although the poor light didn't help.
with having such a good day on the Saturday I was up there again yesterday, this time it was improved by not only close views of the terns but also a sprinkling of decent waders-not least a red-necked phalorope but also 3 little stints and some close view of common waders, and some interesting behaviour with herons and the little egret.
The walk back last night was in glorious evening sunshine punctuated by the song of skylarks and just as i got nearer the car a cracking corn bunting performed magnificently only a few metres away.
I must stress that the area is quite sensitive for breeding birds and anyone heading up there must stick strictly to the marked paths and not go anywhere near the breeding grounds of the little terns.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tawny revisited

I had a nice evening down at beacon Ponds tonight, I thought I'd go for another crack at the tawny pipit.
On the way down from Easington I saw a couple of wheatear and skylarks feeding on newly cut grass.
Further on there were some common waders around the lagoons including grey plover, ringed plover dunlin and oystercatcher.
The tawny pipit showed briefly as soon as I arrived then disappeared for half an hour before re-appearing and showing really well.
It remaoned distant but nice to see it out in the open.
I bumped in to Martin garner and a party of birdwatchers and he put me on to a magnificent summer plumaged curlew sandpiper feeding on Easington lagoon.
Also had little tern and yellow wagtail.
beautiful evening under clear skies, shame about the strong wind.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rustic Bunting

I had a couple of cracks at the superb rustic bunting at Filey this weekend.
I had good intentions of going to Filey when it was reported but waited until late afternoon and unfortunately it didn't show for me in the evening.
I went up again today after it was reported as still being there.I expected a big crowd but was pleasantly suprised by how few people were there.
Most of the time it was feeding on the track allowing good views but a bit distant for a shot, managed to get lucky (albeit view was hampered by vegetation) towards the end when it showed for me to about 15m.
Absolutely cracking bird and another to add to the photograph list.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Super Spurn!

Had a couple of half days at Spurn this weekend.
yesterday was a bit difficult in very strong westerly winds-but I still managed some shots of a marsh harrier as it flew south past canal scrape hide.
Went again this morning in slightly better conditions-clear blue skys and a moderating westerly wind.
Started off with some nice views of common waders as the tide began to ebb.
Then news of a quail calling in clubleys field.
As I was driving down Spurn Road a golden oriole was called outat sammy's Point-a quick dash there and I had quite close but brief views of a first summer male.
Then as we scanned round a bee-eater flew north past sammy's point.
Finally I went to have a look at a reported water pipit at beacon lagoons.
I headed there from the north at Easington and arrived at the second lagoon just as one of the Spurn regulars was heading north along the bank.
I figured that if it was there he would flush it towards me and I could get a shot.
As he arrived opposite me he called'tawny pipit' as it initially flew out of view., After a while it re-appeared and gave intermittent views as it walked in and out of the grasses.
Cracking morning.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Short Stint for a Temmincks

I had a quick look at Swinemoor last night-I say quick because it would have been longer if my camera battery didn't run out.
Despite the impending rainfall I decided to give it a go, straight away the resident wood sandpiper popped in front of my lens, then a redshank and a little ringed plover also a white wagtail but no Temmincks!
Then it appeared for a short while before scooting off amongst the grassy tufts in the shallow water.
Nice bird but views all to fleeting.
Went back this morning but no sign of any other waders apart from beligerent lapwings chasing everything off.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Hornsea Black Tern

I went down to Hornsea Mere last night to look for the reported black tern.
I spent ages looking over the mere at a likely spot only for one of the locals to inform me that it was feeding further up and out of my line of sight.
When I got there the sun had moved round making the light difficult to get a decent shot.
However I was happy with these and just being there on a warm still Spring evening watching it hunting insect was a fantastic experience.