Friday, 26 June 2009

Summer Waders

I had a superb couple of hours checking out the waders at Blacktoft last night.
I went to marshland hide to start but the sun was almost straight into the hide with not a lot to look at.
The walk back to Townend was pretty uneventful with just whitethroat,sedge warbler and reed warbler.
When I got to the hide the sun and light was perfect although the waders were pretty distant.
A good selection including avocet,snipe,redshank,spotted redshank,greenshank,green sandpiper,lapwing and ruff.
The tide was coming in and after a while the waders came closer to the hide and one particular ruff was spectacular in its summer finery.It also had some rings on each leg, I would welcome any advice on where it miht have come from.
I have checked out a couple of sites on the net but I'll put a couple of shots on BF to see if anyone knows any more gen.
I was pleasantly suprised by the amount of waders on show.
(in total contrast to Paull tonight where there were hardly any).

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Michael Flowers said...

Great pic of the Ruff. Looks like you had much better light than we had to put up with during the day. I was there at morning high tide, but the waders kept their distance