Saturday, 5 June 2010

Fantastic Day

Its been a bit slow in East Yorks just lately and as I had booked a week off I was hoping for something unusual to turn up.
Unfortunately it wasn't to be so I went out of county in search of some goodies.
First stop was Weeting Fen for some stone curlews.
None at first but then 3 showed together-very nice to see a lifer albeit distant and shrouded in heat haze.There was alos a spotted flycatcher here.
next stop was RSPB reserve at Lakenheath.It was the first time I had been to this reserve and what a cracking spot.
The temperature was hovering around 27 degrees and the golden orioles were at the far end.As I walked down there were plenty of common warblers plus at least 3 cuckoos.
The golden orioles had been reportd singing from the third plantation and as soon as I got there they were sining away.
One showed very briefly a couple of times, but was quite distant.There was alos a hobby hawking above and a bittern booming in the distance.
On the way back I saw a very attractive banded demoiselle.
Then on to Welney, first birds were a couple of whooper swans, then round for the bluethroat.
I thought there would be a bigger crowd but there was only a small handful of people there.It performed brilliantly well for most of the afternoon often coming to within 3m of where I was stood.There was also a male garganey and 2 turtle doves.
Overall it was a fantastic day, some great birds and a good supporting cast toped off by marvellous views of the bluethroat.

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Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Very lucky man, would love to see a Blue Throat. I have been to Lakenheath but no Golden Orieles seen. Nice pictures Martin.

East Yorkshire Wildlife said...

Thanks Mike it was quite a long day but very enjoyable.

Michael Flowers said...

I've always wanted to see a Bluethroat, and Stone Curlews would be good too. Will have to treat myself next year, and go when it's a bit cooler!

East Yorkshire Wildlife said...

Hi Michael

Yes it was absolutely boiling-but very worthwhile.
The stone curlews were nice bu quite distant.It was a nice reserve but the longer the day went on the more the sun was in your face.
definitely a place for either first or last part of the day.